Liz Keene

Hi! I'm currently an animator at Bleacher Report. Besides my intense love for animation I also love illustration, comic books, videogames, anime and concept art! :)

Animation Experience:

Bleacher Report: Animator

Adult Swim: Freelance animator for 4 Adult swim IDs

Titmouse Studios: Color Key Stylist on Hanazuki Full of Treasure

Titmouse Studios: Animator on Dreamworks Home Tv show

Titmouse Studios: BG layout on TMNT Half Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past

Titmouse Studios: Animator on China IL Season 3

Titmouse Studios, Inbetweener and Animator on Superjail! Season 4

Titmouse Studios, Assistant Animator on Turbo: F.A.S.T. June 2013-August 2013

Unlockable, Freelance animator, February 2013 -May 2013

Titmouse Studios, Assistant Animator on Superjail! August 2012-December 2012

Fablevision , Intern May 2011-August 2011

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